The Materials and Tests Division publishes construction and materials articles and advisories periodically. The information is grouped by subject matter below.

Asphalt and Chemical

Date Title PDF
01/08 Epoxy Safety
01/08 FAQs for Performance Grade Binders
01/08 NRM and DMS-11000
11/05 Opening Stuck Valves on Asphalt Piping

Flexible Pavements

Date Title PDF
04/16 Thermal Camera Guidance Document
06/11 Protocol for Roadway Core Custody
02/09 Crack Attenuating Mixtures and Rich Bottom Layer Mixtures
05/08 Use of Tapered Longitudinal Joints Such As the Notched Wedge Joint
01/08 Proper Use of Tack Coat
01/08 FAQs for Ride Specifications
08/06 Hamburg Wheel Test
08/06 Revised Guidelines on Minimum Roadway Placement Temperatures
03/06 Blind Sampling
03/06 FAQs for Hot Mix Asphalt Mix Design
09/05 Flexible Pavement Design FAQs

Materials and Pavements Administration

Date Title PDF
09/10 Using Ground-Coupled Radar Techniques to Detect Concealed Subsurface Voids
01/09 FAQs About Network-Level Falling Weight Deflectometer Data Collection
06/08 FAQs About the Falling Weight Deflectometer
01/08 Guide Schedule for Sampling and Testing (2004)
01/08 Quality Monitoring Programs and Material Producer List

Prefabricated Structural Materials (PSTR)

Date Title PDF
07/19 Precast Concrete Products

Quality Systems and Calibration

Date Title PDF
07/19 Calibrating Effects

Rigid Pavements and Concrete Materials

Date Title PDF
11/13 Using Slot Stitching to Repair Longitudinal Joint Separation on Roadways
06/11 Calcium Aluminate Cement Concrete (Class CAC Concrete) Important Items for Construction and Inspection
01/11 Calcium Aluminate Cement Concrete (Class CAC Concrete)
01/11 Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) DMS-4550
01/11 Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Important Items for Construction and Inspection
06/10 Fly Ash Supply (Condensed and Full-length)
01/08 Hot Weather Concreting
01/08 Sawing Concrete Pavement
09/06 Precast Concrete Products
06/06 Concrete Curing (Condensed)
06/06 Concrete Curing (Full-length)

Soils and Aggregates

Date Title PDF
03/15 Soils and Base Certification
12/10 New Special Provision for Compost
06/10 Best Practices for Sampling Flexible Base
09/08 Recycled Concrete Aggregates Make Cents
09/05 Guidelines for Modification and Stabilization of Soils and Base for Use in Pavement Structures
09/05 Guidelines for Treatment of Sulfate-Rich Soils and Bases in Pavement Structures

Traffic Materials and Coatings

Date Title PDF
07/19 Epoxy Safety
01/10 Field Testing of Concrete Curing Compound
06/06 Concrete Curing (Condensed)
06/06 Concrete Curing (Full-length)

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