This page contains materials that may printed and used for Project Celebration Events.

Program Resources

Title Format
TxDOT as a Resource TxDOT as a Resource PDF
TxDOT Intent Form TxDOT Intent Form PDF
Getting Started Getting Started PDF
Calendar Calendar PDF
Helpful Phone Numbers Helpful Phone Numbers PDF
Project Celebration Logo
Notes Notes PDF

Alcohol Awareness

Title Format
Alcohol Awareness Alcohol Awareness PDF
Before and After Order Form Before and After Order Form PDF
My Pledge Today My Pledge Today PDF

Senior Input

Title Format
Senior Input Senior Input PDF
Senior Survey Senior Survey PDF
Senior Survey (Word file) Senior Survey Word File
Music Survey Music Survey PDF
Post Party Questionnaire Post Party Questionnaire PDF

Parent Letters and Volunteer Forms

Title Format
Parent Letters Parent Letters PDF
Early Departure Form Early Departure Form - Word file
Freshman Parent Letter Freshman Parent Letter - Word File
Sophomore Parent Letter Sophomore Parent Letter - Word File
Junior Parent Letter Junior Parent Letter - Word File
Senior Parent Introduction Letter Senior Parent Introduction Letter - Word File
Senior Parent Consent Letter Senior Parent Consent Letter - Word File
Senior Parent Volunteer Letter Senior Parent Volunteer Letter - Word File
Registration and Participation Form Registration and Participation Form - Word File
Guest Registration Form Guest Registration Form - Word File
Volunteers Volunteers PDF
Volunteer Information Form Volunteer Information Form - Word File

Budget and Fundraising

Title Format
Budget and Fundraising Budget and Fundraising PDF
Blank Balance Sheet Blank Balance Sheet - Excel File
Blank Donation Log Blank Donation Log PDF
Blank Donation Log Blank Donation Log - Excel File
Blank Income Statement Blank Income Statement - Excel File
Business Community Fundraising Letter Business Community Fundraising Letter - Word File
Letter of Commitment and Receipt Letter of Commitment and Receipt - Word File
Parent Fundraising Letter Parent Fundraising Letter - Word File

Event Activities and Food

Title Format
Event Activities and Food Event Activities and Food PDF
Blank Schedule Blank Schedule PDF
Blank Schedule Spreadsheet Blank Schedule Spreadsheet - Excel File
Prizes and Favors Prizes and Favors - PDF

Publicity and Recognition

Title Format
Publicity Publicity - PDF
Recognition Recognition PDF
Website Website PDF
Certification of Appreciation Certification of Appreciation PDF
How to Write a Meaningful Thank-You Note How to Write a Meaningful Thank-You Note PDF
Donor Thank-You Letter Donor Thank-You Letter - Word File
Volunteer Thank-You Letter Volunteer Thank-You Letter - Word File
Letter to the Editor Letter to the Editor - Word File
Newspaper Ad Newspaper Ad - Word File

Security and Rules

Title Format
Security and Rules Security and Rules PDF
Project Celebration Rules Project Celebration Rules - Word File

Evaluation and Reporting

Title Format
Evaluation and Reporting Evaluation and Reporting PDF
TxDOT Report and Activities TxDOT Report and Activities PDF
Blank Summary of Donations Blank Summary of Donations - Excel File

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