Unlike other toll roads in the DFW Region, here is how the TEXpress Lanes system will work:

A Tollway Within a Freeway

TEXpress Lanes are unique toll lanes added to existing major roadways. They provide more capacity, reduce congestion and pay for much-needed roadway improvements.

You Choose How to Travel

Drive free on the existing, improved general highway lanes, or pay for faster, no-stop-and-go driving on the TEXpress Lanes. 

Easy to Use

TEXpress Lanes provide clearly marked and dedicated entry and exit ramps to increase driver safety. Current prices are displayed before each tolling segment to give drivers enough time to decide whether to use TEXpress Lanes.

Demand-Driven Pricing to Keep Traffic Moving

Pricing is based on real-time technology that monitors traffic levels to ease congestion and keep TEXpress Lanes traffic moving at least 50 mph.

Unlike conventional toll roads with static pricing, toll rates on the TEXpress Lanes will fluctuate depending upon the level of traffic and time of day. This means:

  • As traffic levels and demand increase, the price goes up.
  • As traffic volume drops, the price drops.
  • Once you enter the TEXpress Lanes, your price is locked in.

Discounts for Carpools and Motorcyclists

Carpoolers (vehicles with a driver and at least one passenger) and motorcyclists can receive a 50 percent discount during peak travel periods on weekdays.

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