Texas Transportation Plan 2050

Open houses will be held throughout Texas in September through October 2019. If you attend, you’ll be able to give your input using an online, interactive “investment choices” tool. The results from this tool and the transportation usage survey at the open houses will help inform TxDOT’s long-range transportation plan, TTP 2050.

2050 TPP Powerpoint PresentationWatch the 2050 Presentation

The TTP 2050 open houses will also feature information on TxDOT’s 2050 goals and objectives, revenues and expenditures, safety initiatives, local transportation data, and TxDOT staff will be available to answer questions.

Virtual Open House

If you cannot attend in-person, you can participate online via the TTP 2050 Virtual Open House. The Virtual Open House includes opportunities for the viewer to give their input via the “choices” tool and surveys.


Which long-range transportation outcomes should TxDOT focus on achieving? Take the TTP 2050 Planning Priorities Survey:

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You can also provide your input with the interactive investment tool link and take our transportation usage survey.

2050 Plan

Public Outreach Schedule - Round 2

City Date
Laredo 09/24/19
Corpus Christi 09/25/19
Pharr 09/26/19
Amarillo 10/01/19
Lubbock 10/02/19
Abilene 10/03/19
Houston 10/07/19
Tyler 10/08/19
Dallas/Fort Worth 10/09/19
San Angelo 10/21/19
Odessa 10/22/19
El Paso 10/23/19
San Antonio 10/29/19
Austin 10/30/19
Public Outreach Schedule - Round 1
City Date
San Antonio 01/29/19
Austin 01/31/19
Laredo 02/05/19
Corpus Christi 02/06/19
Pharr 02/07/19
Houston 02/19/19
Tyler 02/20/19
Dallas/Fort Worth 02/21/19
Abilene 02/26/19
Lubbock 02/27/19
Amarillo 02/28/19
El Paso 03/05/19
Odessa 03/06/19
San Angelo 03/07/19