Director of Engineering and Safety Operations

C. Michael Lee, P.E.

C. Michael Lee, P.E., serves as Director of Engineering and Safety Operations.

Under the direction of the Chief Engineer, Lee oversees and coordinates TxDOT’s engineering operations.

Before joining TxDOT, Lee spent nine years as a water well contractor designing, estimating and supervising the construction and installation of residential, commercial, municipal and agricultural water wells, pumps and treatment systems.

Lee joined TxDOT in 1997 as an engineering assistant in Mount Pleasant and soon moved up to transportation engineer in the Marshall area office and then the Atlanta area office. In 2007, Lee became the area engineer in San Augustine, and later the Nacogdoches area engineer when the two offices combined in 2010.

In 2013, Lee was promoted to director of operations for the Paris District, and in 2014, promoted to Maintenance Division director.

Lee is a 1988 graduate of Texas A&M University with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering.