Save a LifeThe Dallas Traffic Safety Coalition's purpose is to educate and bring awareness for a safer community and commute by focusing on issues, such as distracted driving, drinking and driving, motorcycle safety and bicycle/pedestrian safety.

The Coalition's primary responsibility is to save lives.

Its mission statement is "To reduce traffic related injuries and deaths in the North Texas area through education and enforcement."

The Dallas Traffic Safety Coalition hosts a networking meeting the first Tuesday every month of every quarter from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. to discuss traffic safety issues and brainstorm solutions for a safer commute on Texas highways and roads.

Upcoming meetings as well as the agenda, minutes and sign-in sheets from past 2017 meetings are shown below.

2017 Meeting Agendas and Transcripts

Date Location Agenda Minutes
March 7
Grand Prairie
March 7, 2017 Traffic Safety Coalition Agenda PDF March 7, 2017 Traffic Safety Coalition Agenda PDF
June 6
June 6, 2017 Traffic Safety Coalition Agenda PDF Sept. 2, 2014 Traffic Safety Coalition Minutes PDF

The Dallas Traffic Safety Coalition consists of many diverse partnerships throughout the North Texas area. For more information, contact the Dallas traffic safety representative by email.