A Meteorological Evaluation Tower (MET) is a structure used to capture weather information. TxDOT's "MET Tracker" facilitates the exchange of MET information by allowing:

  1. MET owners/operators to enter and manage MET record data and
  2. The public to export and download MET records.

Public User Help

TxDOT's MET Tracker enables the public to accomplish:

  1. Export MET data in Microsoft Excel .csv format.
    • See Data Model section 1.1 for attributes and descriptions.
  2. Export MET data in a Microsoft .txt format, aligned with FAA DOF (Digital Obstacle File) structure.
    • See Data Model section 1.2 for attributes and positions in the file.
    • See Microsoft Excel Data Model section for attribute descriptions.
    • FAA DOF format captures Julian date and additional blank fields for formatting.
  3. View METs on the Texas Airport Map.
    • Each MET is clickable by the user and a pop-up displays information for that MET.
  4. Register as MET owner/operator and Request Access to MET site

Follow “Register as owner/operator” and “Request Access to MET site” steps below.

Register as Owner/Operator

  1. Select Owner Registration link on TxDOT.gov MET landing page.
  2. Registration page displays.
  3. Owner enters personal information on registration form.
  4. Owner receives email confirmation and must validate their email address by selecting link in the notification.
  5. Owner logs in with credentials.
  6. Owner must request access to SharePoint MET system.
  7. MET landing page will display unless owner does not have access to the MET SharePoint site.
  8. Follow steps in “Request Access to MET site” if necessary.
  9. Aviation admin will grant or deny access.
Select the image to view larger.

Request Access to MET site

  1. Owner must have a TxDOT account.
  2. Owner uses credentials to log into MET site.
  3. Owner is prompted with a page requesting reason MET site access is needed.
  4. Owner enters reason for requesting MET site access.
  5. Owner selects “Send Request” button and an additional message displays notifying the owner their access is under review by Aviation.
  6. Email notification is sent to Aviation administrator for review and will approve or reject request.
  7. Owner receives email notification with status.
Select the image to view larger.
Select the image to view larger.

1 Data Model

1.1 Excel Export Attributes and Descriptions

Position Attribute Name Description
1 ORS Code State, field auto-populated to "48"
2 Obstacle Number Unique identifier for the MET, value range, A00001 – Z99999
3 "O" or "U" Verification Status, "O" – verified, "U" – unverified. Field auto-populated to "U"
4 Country Identifier Country code, field auto-populated to "US"
5 State Identifier State code, field auto-populated to "TX"
6 City Name City Name where MET resides
7 Latitude Degrees Latitude in degrees for MET location
8 Latitude Minutes Latitude in minutes for MET location
9 Latitude Seconds Latitude in seconds for MET location
10 Latitude Hemisphere Latitude hemisphere for MET location, field auto-populated to "N"
11 Longitude Degrees Longitude in degrees for MET location
12 Longitude Minutes Longitude in minutes for MET location
13 Longitude Seconds Longitude in seconds for MET location
14 Longitude Hemisphere Longitude hemisphere for MET location, field auto-populated to "W"
15 Obstacle Type Obstacle code, field auto-populated to "MET"
16 Quantity Field auto-populated to "1"
17 AGL HT Above Ground Level Height in feet
18 AMSL HT Above Mean Sea Level in feet
19 Lighting Lighting Code; see lighting table (1.4)
20 Horizontal Accuracy Field auto-populated to "9" meaning "unknown" accuracy
21 Vertical Accuracy Field auto-populated to "I" meaning "unknown" accuracy
22 Mark Indicator Type of Marking on the MET; see additional table for selections (1.3)
23 FAA Study Number Field is always blank
24 Action Action code; "add," "change," and "dismantled" are possible values
25 Calendar date Date of change
26 DATCHK Code Data integrity code, field always blank
27 Guy Wires with Sleeve Designates if the MET has guy wire sleeves or not ("Y" or "N")

1.2 FAA Fixed-Width Attributes

Position* Attribute Name
1-2 ORS Code
3 "-"
4-9 Obstacle number
10 Blank
11 "O" or "U"
12 Blank
13-14 Country Identifier
15 Blank
16-17 State Identifier
18 Blank
19-34 City Name
35 Blank
36-37 Latitude Degrees
38 Blank
39-40 Latitude Minutes
41 Blank
42-46 Latitude Seconds
47 Latitude Hemisphere
48 No
49-51 Longitude Degrees
52 Blank
53-54 Longitude Minutes
55 Blank
56-60 Longitude Seconds
61 Longitude Hemisphere
62 Blank
63-74 Obstacle Type
75 Blank
76 Quantity
77 Blank
78-82 AGL HT
83 Blank
84 - 88 AMSL HT
89 Blank
90 Lighting
91 Blank
92 Horizontal Accuracy
93 Blank
94 Vertical Accuracy
95 Blank
96 Mark Indicator
97 Blank
98-111 FAA Study Number
112 Blank
113 Action: A, C, D
114 Blank
115-121 Julian Date
122 Blank
123-128 DATCHK Code

*See above table for descriptions.

1.3 Mark Indicator Selections

Code Description
P Painted
M Spherical Marker, Painted
S Spherical Marker, Not Painted
N None

1.4 Lighting Selection

Code Description
R Red
D Medium Density White Strobe & Red
H High Density White Strobe & Red
M Medium Density White Strobe & Red
S High Density White Strobe & Red
F Flood
C Dual Medium Catenary
W Synchronized Red Lighting
L Lighted (Type Unknown)
N None
U Unknown