Federal law requires that the potential effects of federal projects on important archeological sites be considered during project planning. Consultation with appropriate parties regarding the effects is an essential part of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. To comply with this law, TxDOT provides information and updates on archeological sites that may be impacted by TxDOT projects with federal involvement.

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Consulting Parties

An individual or organization with an interest in a project may participate as a consulting party in the review and treatment of project effects on archeological sites. Consulting parties receive project information and may participate in the decision-making process by providing comments. TxDOT solicits consulting parties' comments on determinations and findings regarding the merits of sites for further consideration during project planning, the potential effects of projects on sites, and treatment of any sites that warrant special consideration. TxDOT works with consulting parties to address their issues and concerns. Consulting parties have a right to express their viewpoints but they do not have the right to stop a project decision.

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Project Tracker

The TxDOT Project Tracker allows users to search a database of TxDOT project information. The database is updated montly and includes information about projects in the design phase by Sept. 1, 2008. The Project Tracker provides information on funded projects and allows users to search for projects by county, state and/or federal legislative member, and by the following types of funding: Propositions 12, 12 v2, and 14 bonds and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, commonly known as the economic stimulus package.

Guides to the Section 106 process and consultation are available online.

Completed Projects

When sites warrant special consideration during project planning, TxDOT often resolves project impacts by sponsoring excavation projects to recover important data. The results of this data collection are typically published in formal reports that are available to the general public. The results may also be summarized in special outreach efforts. TxDOT partnered with Texas Beyond History to present results from a number of its excavation projects.

Data Recovery Projects