The purpose of the Coastal Barrier Resources Act (CBRA) of 1982 (16 USC 3501 through 3510) is to minimize the loss of human life, wasteful expenditure of federal revenues, and the damage to fish, wildlife and other natural resources associated with the coastal barriers along the Gulf Coast. Projects within the Coastal Barrier Resource System (CBRS) may not receive federal funding unless they are in compliance with the CBRA.

Environmental practitioners use these tools to prepare materials to comply with the CBRA. Questions? Contact the Ecological Resources staff at (512) 416-2661.

You may download the software (Tools and Plug-Ins) needed to access forms or view frequently asked questions (Online Forms FAQs).

Title Description Format
Environmental Handbook for Coastal Barrier Resources Act Provides a regulatory background and outlines the steps to document compliance with the CBRA

Additional Resources

Title Description Format
John H. Chafee Coastal Barrier Resources System: Texas Provides the official CBRS map of Texas, depicting specific units of land and associated aquatic habitats that serve as barriers protecting the Gulf Coast
Coastal Barrier Resources System Mapper - Beta An interactive, unofficial mapping tool to help determine if proposed project sites are within the CBRS and displays boundaries representative of the official maps but not considered authoritative
16 USC 3505: Exceptions to Limitations on Expenditures Lists the requirements for the two types of CBRA exceptions applicable to transportation projects