Mason Bridge

Texas has beautiful historic bridges across this state, from
metal truss bridges on county roads, to stone masonry bridges built by the Works Progress Administration and more. These structures tell the story of transportation across the state and are cherished by the communities they serve.

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Metal Truss Bridges

Metal Truss Bridge

These iconic bridges are increasingly old and rare in Texas, though hundreds are now in parks, hike-and-bike trails or bypassed along the side of the road.


Leading Bridge Innovation and Design after World War II

This interactive map shows more than 100 of these bridges are eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places for their historic and engineering significance.

Giving Old Bridges New Life

An historic bridge that was rehabilitated to find new life in a park.

When historic bridges start aging, some can be rehabilitated for continued use, while others find new life in a park or as pedestrian bridges. Read successful stories below.

More Information

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