Through the Texas Department of Transportation, the Texas Innovation Alliance launched the Texas Proving Grounds following the inaugural 2016 Texas Mobility Summit and was one of the original ten USDOT Automated Vehicle Proving Ground sites. While the Federal designation has ended, the Texas Proving Ground Partnership has continued to capitalize on the numerous opportunities for innovative transportation research and implementation, leveraging supportive legislation, world-class research institutions, innovative public agencies, a diverse and skilled workforce, and a collaborative spirit.

The below map highlights the innovative transportation projects around the state that have come from the partnerships forged through the Texas Innovation Alliance.


5G – Fifth generation of mobile telecommunications

Automated Vehicle/Autonomous Vehicle (AV) – Vehicle capable of driving itself in some, or all environments, without a driver

Connected Vehicle (CV) – Vehicle that is connected to and able to share data with other vehicles, the infrastructure, and the Cloud

Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) – Wireless communication that allows automobiles to communicate with other automobiles or infrastructure

Mobility-on-Demand – A concept in which consumers can access mobility, goods, and services on demand by using shared mobility, delivery services, and public transit through a connected network

Pilot – Small scale deployment of the technology in real-world settings with consumers

Request for Information (RFI) – A process to gather information and compare the capabilities of a product or supplier

SPaT (Signal Phase and Timing) –Provides the current phase of traffic lights and how long that phase will persist

SPaT Challenge – A challenge to states from the National Operations Center of Excellence to deploy infrastructure with SPaT broadcasts in at least one corridor (approximately 20 signalized intersections) by January 2020

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) – Wireless communication between automobiles and any entity that may affect it (automobiles, infrastructure, devices, pedestrians, etc.)

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) – Wireless communication between automobiles and the infrastructure

Waze Connected Citizen Program – A program in which cities can share upcoming traffic information with Waze, such as closures and construction, and receive access to real-time data reported by users in the app

Waze Global Event Partner Program – A program in which cities and Waze share data to reduce event day traffic congestion and improve traffic conditions