Phases 1a and 1b

Phases 1a and 1b will introduce the transportation project management workflow, including the replacement of the Design/Construction Information System (DCIS) user interface and the Universal Specification File System (USF).

Phase 2

Phase 2 will cover the replacement of the Right of Way Information System (ROWIS).

Future Functionality

TxDOTConnect will include:

  • Project workflows, including a more detailed project schedule and management of total project cost.
  • Portfolio management, including portfolio scenario planning, development of transportation programs, and portfolio planning tools.
  • Professional engineering procurement workflows, including streamlined automation of the solicitation process, creating and managing professional engineering procurement contracts and work authorizations, including invoice processing.
  • Other types of contract management, including creating contracts and work authorizations, as well as invoice processing.
  • Letting Management, including streamlined automation of the letting processes and replacement of all legacy letting systems.
  • Ancillary system/program management, such as aviation and rail road crossings, and providing corresponding project workflow.