Modernize Portfolio and Project Management Initiative

Over the next ten years, TxDOT will design and construct up to $70 billion in transportation projects. We must have a modern technology solution to support the people behind this effort. In connection with the Modernize Portfolio and Project Management initiative, TxDOT presents TxDOTCONNECT.

TxDOTCONNECT is our new, custom-built system for managing the delivery of transportation programs, projects and right of way. The system is designed to help TxDOT staff work at peak efficiency as they build a world-class transportation system for Texas. TxDOTCONNECT will allow us to make a leap forward in productivity and consolidate the functionality of many of the legacy systems currently used by TxDOT.

TxDOTConnect logo

Key Benefits of TxDOTCONNECT:

  • Modern, web-based, user-friendly, custom system.
  • Standardizes data and reporting formats.
  • Automates workflow between stakeholders.
  • Provides a single source for project data.
  • Introduces geospatial mapping functions.
  • Makes information easier to access and share.
  • Consolidates the functionality of up to 40 legacy systems with an enterprise-wide system to plan, manage and measure transportation programs.

TxDOTCONNECT will impact TxDOT employees and our external partners such as consultants, contractors, vendors, metropolitan planning organizations, local governments and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

TxDOTCONNECT launched in early 2019.

Additional TxDOTCONNECT Information