Notice of Availability - Presidio-Ojinaga International Port of Entry Finding of No Significant Impact


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has issued a finding of no significant impact (FONSI) for the proposed Presidio-Ojinaga International Port of Entry project from US 67 and Puerto Rico Streets in Presidio, Texas, to the International Demarcation Line on the Rio Grande in Presidio County, Texas.


The proposed Presidio-Ojinaga International Port of Entry project would provide a second bridge structure for southbound traffic into Mexico. The twin structure would be located immediately upstream of the existing bridge and would be similar to the existing bridge in length and width. The proposed structure would accommodate two southbound travel lanes within a width of 26 feet and a 10-foot-wide pedestrian walkway in the southbound direction to accommodate pedestrian traffic bound for Mexico. The existing bridge and roadway would be reconfigured to carry northbound traffic into the U.S. on two lanes, along with inbound pedestrians on the existing walkway. The proposed southbound lanes would connect to the new bridge and would generally mirror the existing roadway. The proposed improvements would not require any additional right of way or easements. Also, the proposed project would not require relocation or displacement of any residential or commercial properties.

To avoid noise impacts that may result from future development adjacent to a proposed highway project, a traffic noise analysis is included in the final EA, which includes predicted noise impact contours for currently undeveloped areas. These impact contours are intended as a general guide to assist local planning officials and developers plan and construct new activities in locations that would not result in traffic noise impacts. On the date of approval/clearance of an EA/FONSI (including the traffic noise analysis) for a proposed highway project, TxDOT is no longer responsible for providing noise abatement for new development.

Copies of the approved final combined Environmental Assesment and FONSI, certification of public involvement and supporting documentation are available for public inspection at:

TxDOT El Paso District
13301 Gateway Blvd. W.
El Paso, TX 79928

For further information, please contact Mr. Tony Uribe Jr., Transportation Engineer Supervisor, (915) 790-4200.


TxDOT El Paso District
13301 Gateway Boulevard W.
El Paso, TX 79928

(915) 790-4310

Posted Aug. 12, 2016.