Drink. Drive. Go to Jail

Before the Labor Day holiday weekend begins, TxDOT reminds motorists to Plan While You Can

As a combined result of the “Plan While You Can” campaign and the efforts of many state and local community partners, including law enforcement, Texas experienced a 23-percent decrease in alcohol-related crashes over the 2017 Labor Day weekend* compared to the 2016 holiday weekend. Still, during last year’s Labor Day weekend, there were 264 alcohol-related crashes in Texas, resulting in 14 fatalities and 19 serious injuries.

Before you start your Labor Day festivities, be sure that you make a plan for a safe ride home. Remember a designated driver is not one who is “least drunk” but should be a sober driver who has not consumed any amount of alcohol. You can help to make this Labor Day Holiday one that can be cherished for years to come by simply planning for a sober ride through such ways as designating a sober driver, simply staying where you are, calling a taxi, a sober friend or family member, or using mass transit. You can also visit SoberRides.org to plan your ride home before the party and the drinking begins because drivers under the influence of alcohol could face up to $17,000 in fines, fees, and could lose their license. 

Drink. Drive. Go To Jail.



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