Projects Overview

The Amarillo District is working to address road conditions on I-40, a vital commercial trade route from the New Mexico state line to Wheeler County. In addition to routine maintenance that is performed regularly, projects are planned over the next few years and include bridge replacements, interchange reconstruction, overlay projects and ramp and operational improvements.

Traffic Alerts

  • I-40 Overlay Project
  • I-40 Eastbound at Ross

Planned Projects

I-40 at SL 335 Interchange

The proposed I-40 at SL 335 Interchange project would include the following roadway improvements:

  • The proposed I-40 roadway would consist of six 12-foot mainlanes (three in each direction) with 11-foot inside and 10-foot outside shoulders, west and eastbound two-lane frontage roads (curbed section with a 12-foot inside lane and 14-foot outside shared lane in each direction); and, 6-foot sidewalks along each frontage road, all within an approximately 305 to 430-foot proposed ROW.
  • Reconstruction of the existing interchange of I-40 with SL 335 consisting of a frontage road system at the first level, the I-40 mainlanes on the second level, SL 335 at the third level, and direct connection ramps on the fourth and fifth levels.
  • An interim phase of construction has been developed that would initially construct the 3-level interchange at the intersection of I-40 and SL 335. No direct connectors would be built as part of the interim phase. The direct connectors would be constructed during the ultimate phase of the proposed project.

I-40 at Whitaker Road

Replace bridges and reversal of the westbound ramps between Spur 468 (Airport Drive/Juett Attebury Drive) and Whitaker Road.

I-40 at FM 1258

Replace bridges and operational improvements, approximately $55.3 million.

I-40 from Washington Street to Nelson Street

Rehabilitate, concrete pavement and ramp improvements on 2.57 miles of I-40 from 0.15 miles west of Washington Street to Nelson Street, approximately $25.4 million.

I-40 at Arthur Street

Replace existing bridge and approaches to westbound and eastbound lanes, approximately $5.2 million.

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