The purpose of the project is to reduce congestion by improving mobility and enhancing safety. The construction of continuous flow intersections at the intersections of US 290 with William Cannon Drive and SH 71 would appreciably reduce congestion.

Joe Tanner Lane will also be re-configured to improve operations. The construction of additional left turn lanes at Convict Hill Road and RM 1826 would also improve traffic flow.

Construction Timeline

Any improvements at RM 1826 and Convict Hill Road are anticipated to begin in Fall 2012. The remaining projects are anticipated to begin construction in early 2013.

Note: Any improvements that may be developed lie within the existing right-of-way and no property acquisition is needed.

Long Term Solution

This proposed project consists of short-term intersection improvements only. Traffic studies indicate that within 10 years, the continuous flow intersection designs would no longer provide acceptable levels of service. TxDOT and its transportation partners have begun to look for a long-term solution to address traffic congestion in Oak Hill.

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