On Aug. 3, 2015, Williams Brothers Construction Co. Inc. was awarded a $29.9 million contract to reconstruct the I-10/FM 364 (Major Drive) intersection in Beaumont, Jefferson County. The project is designed to help improve safety and relieve congestion as a result of special events and increased growth. Reconfiguring I-10 also removes over height clearance issues with freight traffic.

Planned Improvements

The project includes the following improvements:

  • Reconstruct the I-10 and FM 364/Major Drive intersection
    • I-10 will be rebuilt as an overpass across FM 364/Major Drive; currently, FM 364/Major Drive is an overpass across I-10.
    • The I-10 overpass will be striped as two lanes in each direction but can accommodate three lanes in each direction for future growth.
    • The current “jug handle” design of the I-10 and FM 364/Major Drive intersection will be reconstructed as eastbound and westbound frontage roads with turnarounds.
    • Currently there is only an eastbound I-10 frontage road at this intersection; a new frontage road will be added for westbound local traffic also.
  • Improve FM 364/Major Drive
    • FM 364/Major Drive will be widened to five lanes—two lanes in each direction, with a center turning lane.
    • The FM 364 curve just to the north of the interchange will be slightly straightened to improve safety.

Construction Schedule

  • Please note: There will be no construction or lane closures during the 2016 South Texas State Fair.
  • Seven-day work week with 24-hour work is permitted.
  • Construction began in August 2015 and is expected to be complete in March 2017; timing is subject to change.

Construction Process

Phase I

  • Build I-10 westbound frontage road

Phase II

  • Detour main lane traffic to the I-10 eastbound and westbound frontage roads
  • Construct new main lanes of I-10
  • Remove current Major Drive overpass and build the I-10 overpass

Phase III

  • Switch main lane traffic to new I-10 eastbound and westbound lanes
  • Construct Major Drive main lanes under the new I-10 overpass

Access Considerations

TxDOT is committed to working with the public to minimize the environmental impact from construction projects as much as possible.

Please note: FM 364/Major Drive will not be accessible from the westbound frontage road, and the westbound frontage road will not be accessible from Major Drive until early 2016. Westbound traffic may use Smith Road as a detour to reach businesses on the eastbound side of I-10. SH 124 (Fannett Road) may also be used as a detour. Those trying to reach I-10 westbound from Major Drive may use Brooks Road or Walden Road as a detour.

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