Wellborn Road and George Bush Drive each currently carry over 31,000 vehicles per day (vpd) and are projected to carry 60,300 vpd and 51,600 vpd, respectively, by 2026.

The current volumes cause congestion during peak travel periods and anticipated levels are expected to exceed the intersection's capacity.


Increased delays, caused by crashes or high traffic, often tempt drivers to take greater risks to reach their destinations. Currently, trains, automobiles and pedestrians share the intersection, resulting in a high potential for crashes. The planned interchange will separate the three modes of travel.


No funds are currently forecasted to construct this project. No target construction date has been set at this time.

Inverted Single Point Urban Interchange

The proposed inverted single point urban interchange (SPUI) design improves capacity with less new land required and shorter, simpler bridges than other alternative designs. It allows north-south traffic to be free-flowing and bypass the intersection, substantially reducing delay for all directions of travel. All turning movements as well as east-west through traffic meet at a single, signalized intersection under the free-flowing road.

For more information about other aspects of the project, including an overview, history and frequently asked questions - check out the BWX Crossing page.

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