The proposed roadway would modify Elm Street and Monroe Street from two two-way roads to a one-way couplet design with Elm Street carrying US 77 northbound traffic and Monroe Street carrying US 77 southbound traffic.

  • Both Elm Street and Monroe Street would consist of two 12-foot wide travel lanes, two 10-foot wide parking lanes, 1.5-foot wide curb offsets and two 7-foot wide sidewalks.
  • At the intersections of Main Street and Jefferson Street, the outside parking lanes would transition into right and left turn lanes.

Intersection Improvements

As part of the proposed project, the intersections at US 77/Monroe Street and US 77/FM 66 would be modified.

  • US 77/Monroe Street Intersection
    • Southbound lanes of US 77 would be shifted slightly in order to line up with Monroe Street and allow for a smooth transition for southbound traffic from the existing US 77 onto Monroe Street.
    • A U-turn lane would be constructed south of the railroad crossing for northbound traffic on Elm Street to transition to southbound Monroe Street.
  • US 77/FM 66 Intersection
    • Widened to accommodate the two lanes of southbound traffic from the proposed Monroe Street bridge.
    • New yield right turn lanes would be constructed from FM 66 onto southbound US 77 and from Howard Road onto northbound US 77.

At the southern limit of the project the US 77 roadway would transition back to a two-lane, two-way roadway.

US 77 Viaduct Rehabilitation

The proposed project would including the rehabilitation of the existing US 77 Viaduct. As a result of the US 77 Task Force meetings, a design exception was granted by TxDOT to rehabilitate the beam ends and deck of the superstructure.

  • The design exception saves the existing railing, reducing the impacts sustained by the historic viaduct due to the proposed project.
  • The proposed viaduct would consist of two 12-foot wide travel lanes, 3-foot wide shoulders and one 5.25-foot wide sidewalk.
  • The existing substructure would be rehabilitated and improved to meet current design standards.

Monroe Street Bridge

The proposed Monroe Street Bridge would be constructed west of the existing viaduct on new right of way.

  • It would extend south from Monroe Street and intersect with existing US 77 at the FM 66 intersection.
  • It would consist of two 12-foot wide travel lanes, 2-foot wide curb offsets and one 6-foot wide sidewalk.
  • The design would complement the existing viaduct.
  • The design speed for the entire project is 30 miles per hour.

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