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Before a project is built, a study must be done to determine if it will fill a transportation need, will not negatively impact the surrounding area and fits the department's overall plan. During the study phase, potential projects are analyzed to determine if they are cost-effective while also efficiently improving mobility. Some of these projects have moved beyond the study phase and are under construction.

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Location Project Description
Brazoria County Smith Ranch Road Widen Smith Ranch Road, from Hughes Ranch Road to north of Broadway (FM 518)
Brazoria County
McHard Road
Construct an extension of McHard Road, from Cullen Boulevard to Mykawa Road
Brazoria County CR 403 Improvements to CR 403 from CR 94 to FM 865
Brazoria County Bailey Road Widening Bailey Road from FM 1128 to Veterans Drive in Pearland, Harris County
Brazoria County
FM 528 Expansion of FM 528 from SH 35B (Gordon Street) to SH 6
Brazoria County SH 332 Truss Bridge Proposed improvements to historic SH 332 Truss Bridge
Chambers, Harris and Montgomery Counties Planning and Environmental Linkage Studies The TxDOT Houston District is conducting several Planning and Environmental Linkage (PEL) studies in the region. 
Fort Bend County FM 723 from Ave. D to FM 1093 Widening of FM 723, adding sidewalks and adding a median along some of the roadway
Fort Bend County Crabb River Road (FM 2759/FM 762) Widening of 3.8 miles of Crabb River Road
Fort Bend County FM 359 Improvements to FM 350 at US 90A and the Union Pacific Railroad
Fort Bend County FM 521 Improvements to FM 521 from FM 2234 to SH 6
Fort Bend County FM 1093 Expansion of FM 1093 from SH 99 to FM 1463 to a four-lane divided tollway with non-tolled, two-lane continuous frontage roads
Fort Bend County FM 1093 Proposed improvements to widen the roadway and add toll lanes from FM 723/Spring Boulevard to FM 359
Fort Bend County FM 1463 Widen and improve FM 1463 from IH 10 (W) to FM 1093
Fort Bend County FM 2234 Widening FM 2234 (McHard Road) from FM 3345 to FM 521
Fort Bend County SH 36 and Spur 10 Constructing additional lanes on SH 36 from FM 2218 to FM 1495 and extending Spur 10 south of US 59
Fort Bend County Trammel Fresno Road Widening Trammel Fresno Road from Fort Bend Parkway to FM 521
Fort Bend County US 90A Expanding US 90A from SH 6 to Loop 762
Fort Bend County SH 36 Expanding SH 36 from US 59 to FM 2218
Fort Bend County SH 36/US 90A Reconstruction and reconfiguration of SH 36/US 90A
Fort Bend/Brazoria County SH 6 Improve safety and traffic operations at intersections from 1,200 feet west of FM 521 to the Galveston County line
Galveston County SH 146 from FM 519 to Loop 197 Widen SH 146 from existing two-lane to four lanes, replace bridge and reconstruct intersection
Galveston County
I-45 (FM 1764 to Galveston Causeway)
Reconstruct and widen I-45 from FM 1764 to Galveston Causeway
Galveston County FM 646 Widening FM 646 from I-45 to Bayshore Boulevard
Galveston County Five Corners Intersection Improvements to the FM 270 at FM 518 and FM 2094 intersections
Galveston County I-45 (FM 518/FM 1764) Widening I-45 South from FM 518 to FM 1764
Galveston County I-45 (NASA 1 Bypass/South FM 518) Proposed design changes on I-45 from NASA 1 Bypass to south of FM 518
Galveston County LP 197 and I-45 Construct direct connection between Loop 197 and I-45
Galveston County SH 146 from FM 518 to FM 517 Reconstruct and widen SH 146 from FM 518 to FM 517 
Harris County SH 35 from I-45 to I-610 Construct a new six to eight lane roadway on a new location between I-45 and I-610, with an interchange connection to I-610
Harris County SH 3 Access Management Study Seeking input on proposed access improvements to State Highway (SH) 3 from Brookglen Drive to the Harris/Galveston County line
Harris County FM 2920 from BS 290 to SH 249 Proposed widening of FM 2920 from BS 290 to SH 249
Harris County SH 249 Proposed improvements to SH 249 from BW 8 to I-45 North
Harris County FM 1960 Constructing a grade separation at the BNSF rail crossing
Harris County Hempstead Road
Replacement of three existing railroad overpasses and construction of a six-lane divided street
Harris County SH 6/Clay Road Intersection Proposed improvements to the SH 6 and Clay Road intersection
Harris County SH 6/FM 529 Intersection Construction of additional turn lanes in all directions
Harris County SH 288 The expansion of SH 288 from US 59 to CR 60
Harris County SH 288 Toll Lanes From US 59 to the Harris County line at Clear Creek
Harris County Elysian Viaduct Reconstruction of the Elysian Viaduct bridge structure from Brooks Street to Commerce Street
Harris County Red Bluff Road Improvements to Red Bluff Road from Kirby Boulevard to State Highway 146.
Harris County
FM 2100 Proposed improvements to FM 2100 from the future SH 99 to Huffman Cleveland Road (North)
Harris County
FM 2100 Proposed improvements to FM 2100 from Huffman Cleveland Road (North) to FM 1960
Harris County
FM 2100 Proposed improvements to FM 2100 from FM 1960 to South Diamondhead Boulevard
Harris County
SH 146: BS 146 to Ferry Road
Proposed improvements to SH 146 with the construction of four main lanes between BS 146 and Ferry Road
Harris County Almeda Road The proposed widening of Almeda Road between Old Spanish Trail to South MacGregor Way
Harris County Business 90U The proposed widening of Business Highway 90U from I-610 to east of Mesa Road
Harris County Business 288B Proposed installation of raised medians
Harris County CR 48 Roadway widening CR 48 from two to four lanes from SH 6 to FM 518
Harris County CR 220 Improvements to CR 220 from SH 288 to FM 523
Harris County FM 529 Improvements to FM 529 from Greenhouse Road to the proposed Grand Parkway
Harris County FM 529 Improvements to FM 529 from US 290 to Greenhouse Road
Harris County FM 865 Enhancements to FM 865 from Almeda-Genoa Road to FM 518
Harris County FM 2978 Additional lanes on FM 2978 from Dobbin-Hufsmith Road to FM 1488
Harris County FM 2978 Additional lanes on FM 2978 from FM 2920 to Dobbin-Hufsmith Road
Harris County FM 3083 Roadway widening to a four-lane divided facility with 10-foot shoulders and an above-grade over pass at Union Pacific Railroad
Harris County FM 3083 Construction of median, shoulders and grade separation over UPRR
Harris County I-10 Exploring the possibility of a holding pond at White Oak Bayou
Harris County I-10: SH 6 to FM 359 Exploring extending the use of managed lanes on I-10 from SH 6 to FM 359
Harris County I-45/I-610 Interchange Proposed improvements to the I-45 and I-610 interchange
Harris County I-69 South/I-610 West Interchange The proposed project includes three phases of reconstruction on the interchange
Harris County Greens Road Widening Greens Road from Aldine-Westfield Road to John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Harris County Louetta Boulevard Improvements to Louetta Boulevard from Whitewood Drive to the southbound frontage road of I-45
Harris County North Houston Corridor Spans 16-miles and includes portions of I-10, US 59 and SH 288, Hardy Toll Road and I-610
Harris County Pearland Parkway Widen existing roadway to four 12-foot divided travel lanes
Harris County SH 99/Grand Parkway A proposed 180-mile circumferential highway traversing seven counties in the Greater Houston Area
Harris County SH 288 Construct a direct connector from SH 288 to Medical Center
Harris County SH 6/FM 1960 Improvements to SH 6/FM 1960 from I-10 to SH 249
Harris County Woodlands Parkway Widen existing roadway to six 12-foot divided travel lanes
Harris County Yale Street Bridge Replacement of the Yale Street Bridge at White Oak Bayou
Harris County BF 1960A The widening of BF 1960A from Lee Road to FM 1960
Harris County BF 1960A Roadway resurfacing and access management on BF 1960A between FM 1960 west of Lee Road and FM 1960 east of Humble
Harris/Fort Bend County
FM 521 Widening and improving FM 521 from Beltway 8 to FM 2234
Harris/Galveston County SH 146 Improvements from Red Bluff to south of the Galveston/Harris county line
Montgomery County FM 149 Add five-foot shoulders within existing right of way between FM 1791 to FM 1097 West
Montgomery County FM 1488 Reconstruct and widen from Joseph Road to FM 149
Montgomery County FM 2978 Improvements from Conroe-Hufsmith Road to FM 1488
Montgomery County FM 2854 Reconstruction of FM 2854 From Loop 336 to I-45
Montgomery County Loop 494 Widen from Kingwood Drive to Sorter's McClellan Road
Montgomery County SH 75
Proposing improvements to SH 75 in Montgomery County from FM 3038 to FM 2432 (West Powell Street)
Montgomery County SH 105 Improve pedestrian and vehicular safety
Montgomery County SH 105 Access management study (I-45 to FM 2854)
Montgomery County SH 249 Construction of a toll road from FM 1774/FM 149 in Pinehurst to FM 1774 at Todd Mission
Montgomery County SH 242 Study an approximate 15-mile section of SH 242 from I-45 to US 59 in Montgomery County
Montgomery County Loop 336 The scope of this study is a 2.5-mile section of Loop 336 from east of Cypress Lane Boulevard to west of FM 1314.
Montgomery County I-45 Extension of I-45 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane(s) from FM 1960 to Loop 336
Waller County FM 1488 The proposed widening of FM 1488 from Joseph Road to FM 2978
Waller County FM 1774 Improvements to FM 1774 from Mill Creek Drive to FM 149
Waller County I-10 Studying the future needs of I-10 from FM 359 to FM 3538
Wharton/Fort Bend County US 59 Widen and improve US 59 from CR 227 to Spur 10