La Nana Creek Bridge Replacement at FM 1878 E. Starr Avenue

The proposed project would replace the existing bridge on FM 1878 (E. Starr Avenue) at La Nana Creek to enhance safety by meeting current design standards in Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches County, Texas. The proposed project is adjacent to the Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU) campus and the La Nana Creek trail in Pecan Park, a City of Nacogdoches park. FM 1878 is currently an undivided 48-foot roadway that consists of four 12-foot travel lanes with open ditches on the west approach and curb and gutters on the east approach for drainage. 

Project Background

The existing bridge, built in 1953 and widened in 1971, is a six-span concrete flat slab bridge. The bridge has a weight limit posted because it was not designed to carry the current legal limit of 80,000 pounds. The bridge has been determined to be functionally obsolete, which means that although it is structurally safe, it no longer functions by the latest design standards and does not accommodate the increase in pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic growth. In addition, there is evidence of some erosion occurring around the bridge substructure in the creek channel. There are no sidewalks on the bridge and the existing shoulders are narrow creating a safety issue for pedestrians and bicyclists who use the bridge.

Proposed Improvements

The proposed bridge would be a four-span concrete slab beam bridge with a concrete deck on drilled shafts.  This will include:

  • Four 11-foot travel lanes
  • Five-foot paved shoulders that may be used by bicycles
  • Addition of two 5-foot sidewalks on each side
  • Addition of bridge rails that will separate vehicular and pedestrian traffic

With these improvements, bridge weight limits would also be removed. No new right of way or displacements would be required for the proposed project.

Construction Process

The proposed bridge would be built on the existing alignment; therefore, FM 1878 at the bridge would be closed during construction.  The portion of the La Nana Creek Trail that passes underneath the bridge would also be closed during the construction and detoured around the construction area. No other city streets would be closed.

Next Steps

 Timelines are subject to change, but estimated next steps include:

  • Environmental clearance in January 2017
  • Proposed letting in March 2017
  • Construction would begin in May 2017

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