El Paso, Texas

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Location Detail
Location Detail
Bridge of the Americas
Bridge of the Americas


There are four separate bridges at this crossing. Two of the bridges have two lanes each for commercial trucks. The other two bridges have four lanes each for passenger vehicles.

The crossing is also known locally as Puente Rio Bravo, Puente Internacional Cordova-Las Americas, Cordova Bridge, Puente Libre, BOTA and Free Bridge.


Construction of four replacement bridges began in July 1996 and was completed in June 1998. These four bridges include two for northbound and southbound commercial vehicles, and two for northbound and southbound passenger vehicles. The bridges provide a total of eight lanes for passenger vehicles, four lanes for commercial trucks and two sidewalks for pedestrians.

More information is available from the City of El Paso.

Identified Needs

Bridge of the Americas is the only free crossing in our El Paso District, and it receives more than half the traffic crossing the international border in El Paso. The mix of commercial trucks and passenger vehicles approaching the lanes to travel southbound through the crossing causes significant congestion. Improvements are needed on I-110 as traffic approaches the port of entry. Trucks and passenger vehicles should also be separated on the approach to the bridge. The study will also consider improvements near Paisano Street, as traffic tends to back up there as well.


At the end of the study, improvements will be recommended based upon identified needs of the border crossings. If you would like to comment on the study, please email us.