Eagle Pass, Texas

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Location Detail
Location Detail
Camino Real International Bridge
Camino Real International Bridge


The bridge began operating on September 24, 1999. It is located about a half-mile south of the existing Eagle Pass International Bridge and immediately north of the international railroad bridge, which is owned and operated by Union Pacific. The bridge is 1,384 feet long, with 1,010 feet on the U.S. side and 374 feet on the Mexican side. The 84-foot wide roadway provides six lanes (three in each direction) and includes two six-foot sidewalks for pedestrians. The border station for the port of entry facilities consists of about 46 acres.

The crossing is also known locally as Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras International Bridge II, Puente Dos, Puente Camino Real and Puente Internacional Coahuila 2000.

More information is available from the City of Eagle Pass.

Identified Needs

The bridge receives a mix of pedestrians, passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. Although this bridge does not currently have high congestion numbers, there is a need to prepare for the growth of Eagle Pass. Identified needs also include traffic signal phasing and timing improvements, intelligent transportation system (ITS) devices (such as traffic cameras or dynamic signs) for motorists and train notification.


At the end of the study, improvements will be recommended based upon identified needs of the border crossings. If you would like to comment on the study, please email us.