Laredo, Texas

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Location Detail
Location Detail
Gateway to the Americas Bridge
Gateway to the Americas Bridge


This four-lane bridge is 1,050 feet long. It was reconstructed in 1956 after being destroyed in 1954 by floods resulting from a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.

The crossing is also known locally as Convent Street Bridge, Laredo International Bridge, Bridge Number One, Old Bridge, Laredo-Nuevo Laredo Bridge 1, Puente Nuevo Laredo, Puente Laredo I and Puente Viejo.


This bridge was originally purchased for $695,000 by the City of Laredo from a private owner in 1946. After being destroyed by flooding in 1954, the city's flood-damage insurance paid the bulk of the reconstruction cost of the U.S. side of the bridge. Records do not reflect that amount. The city financed a $300,000 portion of the reconstruction amount that was not covered by insurance through revenue bonds.

More information is available from the City of Laredo.

Identified Needs

This bridge serves an average of 4.1 million southbound pedestrians per year. Identified needs for this bridge include pedestrian movement improvements and traffic signal synchronization.


At the end of the study, improvements will be recommended based upon identified needs of the border crossings. If you would like to comment on the study, please email us.