Laredo, Texas

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Location Detail
Location Detail
Juarez-Lincoln Bridge
Juarez-Lincoln Bridge


This six-lane, 1,008-foot-long bridge became operational in 1976. The border station (USBS J&L) was completed in 1982 and is owned by the U.S. General Services Administration.

The crossing is also known locally as Bridge Number Two, Laredo-Nuevo Laredo Bridge 2, Puente Ju?ez-Lincoln and Laredo II.

More information is available from the City of Laredo.

Identified Needs

The bridge is located in a highly developed, commercial area, with many cross streets leading to it. Identified needs include traffic signal synchronization and better signage for vehicles and pedestrians.


At the end of the study, improvements will be recommended based upon identified needs of the border crossings. If you would like to comment on the study, please email us.