The Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor is a proposed divided highway corridor stretching from Laredo through West Texas to Denver, Colorado. The corridor was designated as a High Priority Corridor in 1998 and will facilitate the efficient transportation of goods and services from Mexico, through West Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and ultimately Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

The corridor will:

  • Improve safety
  • Reduce congestion at ports of entry along the Texas-Mexico border
  • Provide alternatives to other congested corridors that run through major metropolitan areas
  • Help to increase trade between the U.S., Mexico and Canada

Extension of I-27 Initial Assessment Report

In response to a request from local officials, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) conducted a high-level planning assessment on the potential extension of Interstate 27 within the Ports-to-Plains Corridor. This assessment included a review of the current and future corridor conditions, the development of estimated costs to bring up to interstate standards, and six stakeholder listening sessions along the corridor. This assessment revealed that there have been investments in the corridor, however there are continued needs; there has been population and traffic growth within certain areas within the corridor, and there will be continued growth in portions of the corridor; there was stakeholder support for developing as a full interstate facility; and the estimated cost to bring up to an interstate facility would be around $7 billion (2015 dollars). Future planning and project development activities would require close coordination with the cities, counties, MPOs, and TxDOT Districts within the corridor and will need to be balanced with other regional priorities and anticipated funding resources over the long-term time horizon.


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