Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Study: Listening to Rural Communities

Rural communities on the Texas-Mexico border experience unique transportation issues and barriers. The Texas Border Transportation Study: Listening to Rural Communities, will inform the Long Range Plan update and the study of how border projects can be considered in TxDOT's prioritization process. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is engaging rural communities along the border to hear directly from them:

  • About how, when and why people travel on existing roads, highways, buses and other systems
  • About transportation barriers people face when trying to reach healthcare, schools, and jobs
  • About the parts of the transportation system that work well, and which transportation needs along the border are the most serious

Public Involvement

Listening to people from border communities is a top priority for this study. As part of these border communities and engaging with the people, TxDOT will gather meaningful input.TxDOT will:

  • Conduct interviews with local leaders and people who provide transportation services plus healthcare providers, educators and employers
  • Meet people where they gather, such as community events or shopping areas
  • Partner with local organizations to co-host community workshops

Study Schedule

The Texas Border Transportation Study began in the winter of 2018 and will conclude by the fall of 2018.


  • Fact Sheet (waiting on final draft)

Contact Information

TxDOT Texas Border Transportation Study Project Manager

Email (can set up alias email and will need to points of contact for it)