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Equal Employment Opportunity Progress 2018 - 2019

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) promotes diversity and inclusion opportunities within its internal operations and proactively monitor our efforts to increase workforce diversity. As a result of this endeavor, we are seeing significant gains. In FY 2016, female and minority male new hires accounted for less than 55% of all new hires. As of January 2019, the percentage is nearing 60%.


Diversity Growth

Compared to the agency as a whole, this hiring increase has led to increased full time position growth for females and minorities. Over the past 41 months, our employment numbers grew from 11,458 to 12,000. This amounts to a 4.7% hike in total TxDOT employees. For the same time period, female employment grew from 3,254 to 3,622 - an improvement of 11.3%, and the combined employment of females and minority males climbed from 5,803 to 6,389 as well - an increase of 10.1%.


New Hires